What HR Professionals Need to Know About Managing Crisis in the Workplace

Knowing How to Handle Crises Is Key towards Building a Strong Workplace Culture and a Productive Workforce



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Course Leader : John Robertson, FORTLOG Services Inc.
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
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It is imperative to recognize that a crisis never be defined by the event! It is defined by the reactions to an event. Otherwise, people may overreact to something that seemed innocuous to the majority, while they underreact to an event carrying a significant emotional wallop.

Terminology and relationships leveraged during a critical event will often determine the results more than having the right tool, training or program in place. Being completely honest, we all know that the majority of us after a significant event are “fine” or “it’s all good.” Policy, programs and performance management will not address wellness, stress issues, and conflict; however, these are imperative for safety/security, stability and success in the long run.

This session will look at issues around managing crisis in the workplace around workplace policy and programs.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Overview of sign/signals of critical event related distress, compassion fatigue and/or burnout
  • The mental health continuum
    • shift from sick care to health care approach
    • ABC’s of Resilience
    • Pieces of the support
      • pieces of the developmental approach (fits with psychological health and safety in workplace best practice too)
      • questions to ask without playing counsellor!
      • Peer program elements and management
      • Priority is the culture — values, leadership, performance

PRESENTER: John Robertson, FORTLOG Services Inc.


John Robertson has more than 27 years of assisting people to manage the variety of transitions — crisis, change, conflict, stress, relationships, and death. This has been realized through keynote addresses, workshops, seminars and also through retreats and leadership-management working groups and weeklong intensive courses.

In the last 25+ years John has focused on workplace issues and concerns from a proactive perspective, including resiliency approaches and tactics, through to recovery. He has leveraged his experience and training as summarized below:

  • An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF
  • A Certified Trauma Specialist with ATSS, an approved instructor in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) with ICISF, Certified grief counsellor – Edu-Therapy, certification in MBTI step I & II, Strong’s Inventory, DISC, TKI Conflict resolution tool FIRO-B for business and others instruments used for coaching
  • Crisis intervention and other support training services in a variety of contexts including first responders, schools and other workplaces
  • Resilience-based method towards training and coaching sessions (group and one-to-one) which has included the themes of Self-care, Conflict, Trauma, Relationship-strengthening training
  • Adopting a coaching mindset towards leadership development, managing personalities and change-crisis, leveraging a values-based approach including team development, organizational health training and performance management John has provided these services in a variety of marketplace sectors including:
    • Educational settings – colleges, universities, public and separate school boards
    • Government – Canadian Police College, ORNGE, NRC, DND
    • High tech and IT industries
    • Non-profit sector — Red Cross, Salvation Army, Rotary, Samaritan’s Purse, Projects Abroad, Churches, VCARS
    • Emergency Service personnel — Police, Fire, EMS
    • Small business, Independent schools
    • First Nations communities o Numerous others — CAS