Weed in the Workplace

The added complexity and challenges for HR Professionals are likely to be hazy for employers for some time



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Course Leader : Shelley Brown, Steinberg, Title, Hope & Israel
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Weed in the workplace is coming. Legalization is expected in 2017. Will HR professionals be prepared for the challenges this will bring?

Employment lawyer Shelley Brown, a former Director of Human Resources and Ethics Officer at Prudential Insurance Company of America, understands the issues and added challenges HR professionals will face when the new law comes into effect.

Must an employer forgive an employee's recreational use of marijuana over the weekend? What if the employee is a truck driver? An elementary school teacher? What if the employee fails a drug test?

Clear the smoke: What HR professionals will learn

  • What is the current situation regarding drugs and alcohol in the workplace?
  • How will decriminalization change the workplace?  The U.S. experience.
  • How will decriminalization affect workplace policies?
  • What will be the impact in the workplace — to what extent can employers restrict or prohibit smoking weed on site?
  • What is the difference between usage and impairment?
  • Termination — What grounds do employers have?
  • Termination — What rights do employees have?
  • Random testing — under what circumstances?  How can you determine impairment (THC levels)?
  • What drug and alcohol policies are acceptable?
  • What should employers do now in anticipation of the change?

PRESENTER: Shelley Brown, Steinberg, Title, Hope & Israel


Shelley Brown is a Toronto employment lawyer who understands the challenges and stresses employees face when confronted with complex workplace issues. His extensive experience in employment law includes wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, workplace harassment, constructive dismissal, human rights issues and contract agreements.

Shelley is a passionate and persistent legal advocate for individuals affected by employment and human rights issues for over thirty years.

A Senior Associate of the law firm Steinberg, Title, Hope & Israel, he also has a unique vantage point and extensive understanding of how employment issues affect individuals, having been Director of Human Resources and Ethics Officer for insurance company, The Prudential Canada. He was also in-house counsel to Prudential Insurance of America in Canada.