Managing the Sandwich Generation, When BLT means “Balancing Legal Trouble”

Learn practical strategies for managing the complicated legal issues that come with both an aging population and increased family obligations for employees



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Course Leader : Patrizia Piccolo, Rubin Thomlinson LLP
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

Employees are stretched like never before. They are managing parenting or elder-care obligations and often both at the same time, and the consequences are manifesting in the workplace in complicated and difficult ways. We will discuss the legal issues that we are seeing come up as a result of employing the sandwich generation. We will discuss some recent cases to help give you a sense of where courts and tribunals may be headed and will review some practical strategies for employers struggling to manage these workplace challenges.

This session will include a specific focus on:

• Accommodation on the basis of family status

• Discussion of age as a basis for discrimination

• Mental health, stress and the implication for absenteeism and disability leave

• Increases in workplace conflict — harassment, bullying and Bill 168.

Presenter: Patrizia Piccolo, Rubin Thomlinson LLP

An energetic and creative problem solver, Patrizia Piccolo is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent legal counsel and client service. With 17 years of experience, Patrizia’s primary focus is providing her clients with what she calls the “buffet table of options” helping them find the best solution to their specific needs.

Patrizia is a trusted advisor to senior executives in transition; provides strategic advice and training to both large and small employers and their human resources and management teams; and is entrusted by employers and their counsel to conduct investigations into harassment and other problematic workplace behaviour. Whether advising an employee or an employer, Patrizia’s practice covers all aspects of the employment relationship from hiring, performance management and workplace restructuring, to termination advice. Patrizia also advises employers on employment-related regulatory issues including, Employment Standards Act , Human Rights Act, Labour Relations Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act compliance.

A genuine people person, Patrizia is frequently asked by her clients, boards of trade and human resources associations to appear as a guest speaker on employment law matters. Patrizia is often quoted in the media on matters relating to the workplace and has written articles for the Mississauga News.

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