Is There a Better Way? When Investigations Aren’t the Answer

Solving a workplace problem without resorting to an investigation can sometimes be the way to go – if it’s the right circumstances



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Course Leader : Lauren Bernardi, Bernardi Human Resource Law
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With so many workplace harassment complaints to contend with, HR professionals are often uncertain as to whether it is necessary or even advisable to investigate every complaint. If you don’t investigate you could face potential litigation, but if you investigate unnecessarily you could end up polarizing employees and creating more problems than you solve, not to mention the resources that go into investigating complaints.

Learning Objectives:

  • What the OHSA does and doesn’t say about the duty to investigate
  • When you can and can’t terminate an offending employee without an investigation
  • How to set up a triage system for dealing with different types of workplace issues from conflict to harassment to violence
  • How to handle conflict between individuals
  • What to do when factions develop within the workplace
  • When to choose an internal vs. external investigator
  • Doing an initial assessment after interviewing the complainant to find other means to resolve complaints

PRESENTER: Lauren Bernardi, Bernardi Human Resource Law

Lauren Bernardi is a lawyer & HR advisor with the boutique firm of Bernardi Human Resource Law who has been assisting organizations in the increasingly complex area of HR law since 1992

Lauren works extensively in the field of workplace mental health, respect, harassment and violence, including conducting manager and employee training sessions, preparing harassment and code of conduct policies and investigating and resolving complaints.

She is the author of “Powerful Employment Policies,” published by Canada Law Book. She has been quoted in national newspapers and has been a guest expert on CBC Radio.

Her firm, Bernardi Human Resource Law, was recently selected to participate in the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s three-year case study project as an “early adapter” of the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.


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