Preventing Tomorrow`s Health Problems Today [On Demand]



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Course Leader : Dr. Mike Wahl, Senior Director of Wellness, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
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Preventing Tomorrow`s Health Problems Today

Today we face complex challenges that impact the health and well-being of our workers. These factors include faster paced work environments, mental health stressors, rising rates of obesity and related disease states – stemming from poor lifestyle, shifts in the age demographics of workforces and a rise in automation leading to sedentary jobs. These factors may predispose workers to becoming susceptible to long term disability, injury or illness. This webinar will guide viewers through these relevant challenges and provide insights on how they can mitigate these risks within their organization.

This presentation will highlight case studies and novel doctoral scientific research from a variety of industries. Dr. Wahl will illustrate the role of lifestyle intervention, injury prevention education and health assessments as an effective means of reducing the risk of illness and injury and their associated costs to organizations both financially and operationally. By employing simple strategies companies can, not only, improve the health of the worker but also the health of the company.


Dr. Mike Wahl
Senior Director of Wellness, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions

Dr. Wahl (Mike) has experience delivering wellness and safety programs that have been used across Canada and around the world. Mike holds a PhD from Memorial University Newfoundland’s (MUN) Faculty of Medicine where he studied obesity in high risk demographics and is the chair of the Human Performance in Extreme Environments Program for the Faculty of Medicine. Mike has won numerous Entrepreneur of the Year awards on provincial, national, and global scales for the wellness organization he founded in St. John`s, Newfoundland (Definitions, a subsidiary of Horizon OHS).