The Importance of Physical Employment Standards for Safety Sensitive Industries [On Demand]



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Course Leader : Dr. Farrell Cahill
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The Importance of Physical Employment Standards for Safety Sensitive Industries

Poor physical fitness/health can have severe consequences for those working at physically demanding occupations. This can be costly both in human and economic terms. Utilizing a Physical Employment Standard (PES) can significantly reduce health benefit costs and musculoskeletal injuries, while increasing work productivity and workplace safety standards. Organizations across the country are starting to recognize the need for the evidence-based development of defendable PES and its implementation.

The presentation by Dr. Farrell Cahill will outline the evolution of Physical Employment Standard (PES) development within safety sensitive environments. Regulated medicals and many Job Demand Analysis processes and procedures are not adequate enough in developing a defendable PES or subsequent Bona Fide Occupational Requirement (BFOR). By attending the webinar you will learn the methodology and processes required to more accurately and efficiently measure the physical demands of a job for the purpose of developing a defendable PES for the occupation and how to properly implement it. Dr. Cahill will reference his current research and how he developed the first physical BFOR for the offshore oil and gas industry in Canada. With the legalization of marijuana around the corner, the presentation will cover the critical importance of PES and BFOR development in helping to protect employers, and employees.


Dr. Farrell Cahill

Dr. Farrell Cahill holds a bachelors and Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and also has a PhD in Medicine. Dr. Cahill is a recognized leader in Canada for obesity, diabetes, exercise physiology, thermoregulatory physiology, endocrinology and stretching on human performance.

His academic research focuses on the physiology endocrinology of occupational and non-occupational chronic diseases and the development of realistic and sustainable solutions for work environments. Dr. Cahill is currently working with a number of multi-national organizations to develop academically supported and defendable Physical Employment Standards (PES) and Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFORs) to reduce obesity and obesity-related health conditions for workers in isolated/remote environments. He is the first to develop a defendable PES and BFOR for the offshore oil and gas industry.