Entity Management Best Practices I



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Course Leader : Anthony Signorotti, CTP
Duration : 0 hour 0 minute
Price: Free

Get tips and insights from this web based workshop on Entity Management Best Practices with Cyberbahn’s Senior Customer Learning Consultant Anthony Signorotti, CTP.

This recorded webinar will teach you the following:

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of incorporating a company
  • Find out how name searches are used, including our Comprehensive Name Search
  • Get tips on what you should do after you’ve incorporated
  • Sample checklist of information required to register and your company
  • Identify common issues when incorporating and your company

Presenter: Anthony Signorotti, CTP

Anthony Signorotti is a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) and a key member of Cyberbahn’s Learning and Training team. He has over 10 years experience working with Cyberbahn in a variety of roles such as; online support, litigation and corporate software. Currently, as a Senior Customer Learning Consultant he is helping our customers understand how to best use Cyberbahn’s many product offerings as well as delivering sessions on topical information that are important to our clients. To book a free one-on-one learning session with Anthony, send an email to Cyberbahn.learning@thomsonreuters.com.