How HR Professionals Say the Tough Things

A step-by-step system for finding the fine line HR must walk between speaking up and stepping away



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Course Leader : Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consultant
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As a Human Resources professional, you are in the awkward position of having difficult talks and critical conversations. Sometimes they're with employees. Other times they're with management, suppliers, or colleagues. You may find yourself not knowing whether it's best to say something or remain silent. Or maybe you have a great idea in the boardroom, but it never gets heard. 

Perhaps you lash out in anger and go for the jugular, or are so frustrated, you explode into tears? You wish you knew what to do: Whether to speak up or step away. You sometimes live with regret of what you said or, even worse, what you didn't say. 

Join Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consultant, and you'll discover what types of critical conversations get you most stressed, your default response, and a trademarked step-by-step system for deciding to speak up or step away and doing it without regret.


Marion Grobb Finkelstein, Workplace Communication Consultant

Marion Grobb Finkelstein has presented to audiences in United States, Europe and across Canada. She has served as a Director of Communications at Canadian federal departments, national museums, and Canadian and American international airports. She consults with small and large organizations to increase their morale, confidence and productivity by changing how they communicate.

Marion is a published author and has won awards as a Toastmaster, cablevision producer and host. In 2007, the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada presented Marion with the “Award for Leadership in Service Innovation” as a member of the team “OPERATION TIM HORTONS”. Specifically, she was recognized for overseeing the communications associated with establishing the first-ever Tim Hortons coffee outlet in Kandahar Airfield for the Canadian Forces members and allied troops in Afghanistan.