Tips and Strategies for Developing Your Own Employee Handbook [On Demand]

A good handbook is important for employer branding, employee onboarding, and workplace culture.



On Demand
Course Leader : Brian Kreissl, Thomson Reuters
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

Join Brian Kreissl from Thomson Reuters as he provides valuable insight into how HR practitioners and other workforce professionals can create, revise and update an employee handbook for use in their own organizations. Brian is the current author of Develop Your Own Employee Handbook, published by Thomson Reuters.

Whether in print or online, having a comprehensive, up-to-date and legally compliant policy manual provides context and helps set expectations. Both new and existing employees need to know about organizational rules, culture and values, as well as information about processes and procedures, roles and responsibilities, contact details and where to go for further information. Handled correctly, a properly crafted employee handbook not only establishes and communicates organizational rules and norms, but can also function as an important tool to help facilitate employee onboarding and employer branding. There are also important compliance reasons why you need to have an up to date and comprehensive policy manual for your employees.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Processes for developing, reviewing, revising and communicating your employee handbook
  • Best practices in dealing with different stakeholders and managing an employee handbook development project
  • A review of some of the most important policies you should include in your handbook
  • New and emerging issues and challenges surrounding employment policies and employee handbooks
  • Dealing with concerns relating to multiple jurisdictions and the use of templates
  • Legal compliance concerns relating to employment policies and employee handbooks


Brian Kreissl, Thomson Reuters

Brian Kreissl is a Product Development Manager responsible for human resources, payroll, OH&S and records retention products and solutions at Thomson Reuters Legal Canada. Brian is a published author, journalist and blogger on HR and employment law topics with nearly two decades of HR and HR-related experience. He was previously the Managing Editor of Consult Carswell, a comprehensive online information resource and work tool for Canadian HR professionals. While not a lawyer, Brian has two law degrees from the U.K. (including a master's degree with a focus on employment law), his Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation, and certificates in business management, human resources management, law and leadership in organizations. He is also currently working on a degree in adult education. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, he worked in the HR department of a large financial institution. Brian has also worked for a leading HR outsourcing firm and a boutique search firm specializing in placing information technology professionals. He has done extensive work in employment policy development, revision and review and was heavily involved with the Thomson Reuters Custom Employee Handbooks service. Brian has contributed to numerous publications and is co-author of Best Practices: Job Descriptions Toolkit, the Bill 168 Implementation Guide and the HR Manager’s Guide to Succession Planning. He is also the current author of Develop Your Own Employee Handbook.