Making the Leadership Connection -- From Culture to Employee Engagement [On Demand]

Learn how HR can play a role in developing workplace culture and leaders



On Demand
Course Leader : Sharon Ramalho, Six Words Consulting
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

A high level of employee satisfaction and engagement begins by creating a workplace culture, which relies on leaders to demonstrate the value of their employees and recognize the importance of a great work atmosphere. What role does HR have in developing both a corporate culture and the leaders responsible for the growth of their business?

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

      • The top trends which are shaping the future of the workplace
      • The leadership style necessary for long-term business growth
      • How employee engagement can improve with simple leadership practices
      • The role of HR in developing both culture and leaders


Sharon Ramalho, Six Words Consulting

Sharon is a business professional with more than 30 years of experience, having enjoyed a long and award-winning career with McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada and across Europe. Her career spanned across seven McDonald's markets, including Canada, Russia, Hungary and Scandinavia. She held a diverse career portfolio in Operations, People Resources, General Management and Executive Leadership, as well as being a champion for Change Management and role model for Women's Leadership at McDonald's.

With her operations and business experience in-hand, Sharon rose to Senior Vice-President and Chief People Officer for McDonald’s Canada. Her expertise lies in her ability to bring a simplified, yet successful approach to business, always leading with a People-first mindset.

Sharon achieved a lifelong goal of retirement from the corporate world at age 50. She enjoys travelling, hiking and helping others achieve their goals through her participation in various mentoring programs.

As Sharon has stated many times, “You can't do it without People.” These six simple words are a reminder that business goals can only be achieved with inspired, engaged and motivated teams, who feel valued and proudly exemplify the values and culture of the organization. She recently created a consulting firm, Six Words, and shares her expertise and real life experiences, which supports Business and People initiatives in a meaningful way.