Coping With the Rapid Pace of Change in the Workplace [On Demand]

Strategies for managing change and effective collaboration for a productive and engaging work environment



On Demand
Course Leader : Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA, CSP
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

As the old saying goes... one thing we can count on for sure is CHANGE. Workplace change, and the speed in which it occurs, is causing significant impact in the workplace.

According to a survey by Salesforce, 86 per cent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication for workplace failures. In a fast-paced environment where there is a lot of change and everyone is pushing their agenda-of-the-day, effective collaboration can often get lost – resulting in delayed projects, unhappy stakeholders and lots of wasted time. … and leaders and human resources professionals speeding an increased amount of time and energy on rebuilding teams, enhancing the corporate culture and resolving issues.

Drawing on principles she’s refined over the past 20 years, Charmaine will demonstrate the tools of effective collaboration, resilience building and managing change in a rapidly changing work environment. Attendees will leave with practical, doable strategies and information that is worth repeating and sharing in the workplace. Case examples will be shared from several different industries to demonstrate how these skills and strategies can work across different industries and work environments.


Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA, CSP, is an expert in communication, collaboration and conflict resolution who helps business owners, Human Resources professionals, leaders, and teams deal with conflict, difficult conversations and other “people” issues in the workplace.

For more than two decades Charmaine has been building respectful and resilient workplace cultures with her clients from the gas and energy sector to government, non-profit organizations, police, fire, paramedics and everything in-between. As a public speaker, consultant and facilitator, Charmaine has worked with thousands of clients and audiences worldwide teaching business owners, leaders and front-line staff how to effectively deal with everyday challenges, change, and build meaningful collaborations across cultures and different industries. She has worked on several community resilience and rebuilding projects following natural disasters.

In her first career she was a correctional officer, and then pursued a career in dispute resolution as a corporate mediator, facilitating resolution for some of the most complex workplace conflicts. She has a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and has owned her business for 21 years. She has won several business awards and is the author of five books including: Bounce Forward: Building Inspired Resilient Teams, Building a Respectful Workplace, GPS Your Best Life (co-author), and her latest book Working Better Together will be out in fall 2018.