Social Media and the Workplace [On Demand]



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Course Leader : Leeora Avrahami, LL.B., Lead Advisor - Legal, e2r
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Social Media and the Workplace

For quite some time now, social media has been explosive in organizations both positively and negatively. The positive impact of social media has been recognized as providing employees the ability to more easily communicate with co-workers in various divisions or locations, promote the organization externally for purposes of attracting job applicants, increasing organizational awareness in the marketplace, and enhancing marketing efforts. The potential negative effects of social media on a workplace are significant. It comes along with human rights implications at the beginning of the employment relationship regarding recruitment and selection, as well as the imposition of discipline related to employee abuse of social media. This includes loss of productivity, as well as legal concerns related to privacy, defamation, bullying and harassment, and criminal offences.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Assess the pros and cons of social media and its impact on the workplace;
  • Discuss the off-duty conduct of employees utilizing social media and the impact it has on the organization;
  • Understand the importance of developing and implementing a social media policy in the workplace.

It is important that an organization seek to limit the potential negative impact of social media access and use. Organizations should be active in establishing appropriate guidelines and policies in connection with the use of social media. Join us as we provide insights on the impacts of social media in the workplace and its’ effect on employee communications.


Leeora Avrahami, LL.B.
Lead Advisor – Legal, e2r

Leeora Avrahami is a lawyer who works as an Advisor at e2r®, which powers the Ceridian HR Advisory Services Solution. Prior to joining e2r®, Leeora practiced employment and labour law at an international full service firm. Leeora’s practice focuses on providing clients with practical, solution driven advice in connection with human resources issues, employment and labour law.