Marijuana and the Workplace: The Legal Impact on Employers [On Demand]

Get up to speed on employers’ risks and safety nets related to marijuana use at work — essential in the new era of legalization



On Demand
Course Leader : Lorenzo Lisi, Aird and Berlis
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: $69.00

As a Canadian employer, you are likely uncertain of the regulations related to legal, recreational marijuana use and especially in the context of its use in the workplace. Now more than ever, it is important that employers consider the impact of marijuana legalization on their businesses. What regulations should you be aware of that exist on a federal and provincial level? Has your organization created and documented a marijuana in the workplace policy and what are some of the risks associated with not having one? What recent changes to legislation have created a need to revisit existing workplace policies, if you already had them in place?.

Join workplace lawyer Lorenzo Lisi to gain insight on employer risks and safety nets related to marijuana use at work.


  • Overview of current Federal and Provincial legislation
  • Recreational vs. medical use
    • Duty to Accommodate medical use and addiction
    • Impairment at work where use is not medically supported: warnings and discipline
  • Health and Safety risks and challenges:
    • Legality of Drug Testing
    • Policies re impairment
    • Manager/Supervisor responsibilities
  • The critical importance of policies re cannabis use for the workplace: what is in, what is out
  • Practical steps to compliance


Lorenzo Lisi, Aird & Berlis

Lorenzo Lisi is Leader of the Workplace Law Group at Aird & Berlis in Toronto. He has practised exclusively in the area of labour and employment law for over 25 years, representing employers on all areas of labour and employment law, both provincially and federally.