The Tallest Poppy - Women in the Workplace



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Course Leader : Rumeet Billan, Stephanie Varalli & Todd Humber
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The Tallest Poppy - Women in the Workplace

Earlier this year, 1,500 professionals from across Canada – primarily women – participated in an exclusive Canadian HR Reporter research project titled The Tallest Poppy.

The results show that Tall Poppy Syndrome is a real and alarming issue in our workplaces. Nearly nine in 10 professionals have had their achievements undermined.

On Oct. 9, professionals gathered at a special event in downtown Toronto to discuss the results.

Tall Poppy Syndrome occurs when people are attacked, resented, disliked, criticized or cut down because of their achievements and/or success.


    Rumeet Billan
    Chief Learning Architect and Lead Researcher, Viewpoint Leadership

    Stephania Varalli
    Co-CEO, Head of Media Women of Influence

    Todd Humber
    Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters