Trends in Health Benefits: The Future is Virtual



Date: May 09, 2019
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 ET
Course Leader : Vince Danielsen, President & CEO of Wello
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
Price: Free

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This webinar explains how companies can embrace innovation in their benefits plans to promote better health, productivity, and wellness for their employees. 

Trends in how we work – including more remote work and a workforce increasingly made up of digital natives – is reshaping both how employees use their health benefits and the kinds of benefits they want to have access to. 

To ensure their employees stay healthy, employers have access to new benefits offerings, such as virtual healthcare, that harness improvements in technology to reduce absenteeism, boost utilization, and achieve greater return on investment. 

Vince Danielsen, CEO of virtual healthcare provider Wello, will present original public opinion survey research of employees across Canada to uncover trends in what employees are looking for from their benefits plans. He will also discuss best practices for ensuring that employees have the support they need not just to get well when they’re sick, but to keep well. 

With panelists from leading benefits providers Homewood, Advica, and Fairfield Watson, the webinar will also discuss the important role of personalized support to help employees navigate both the benefits available to them and our complex healthcare system, so they can keep well over the long-term.   


Vince Danielsen, President & CEO of Wello

Vince Danielsen is the President and CEO of Wello, a healthcare provider committed to the idea that healthy people do amazing things. After a degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, 8 years as a Calgary Stampeder (including two Grey Cups), and a hard-won battle against cancer, Vince turned to his true passion and became a healthcare entrepreneur. Vince’s focus has been on innovating health service delivery, helping build healthcare offerings in the US and Canada, and is an expert in providing innovative health and wellness benefits to companies, organizations, employees and their families.