Brand Management and the New World of the Omni Channel Marketplace



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Course Leader : John McKeown
Duration : 1 hour 0 minute
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Branding is persuasive in our society from the mega brands to individuals. Anyone who carries on business needs a brand and needs to know how to manage it. At this webinar we will discuss:

  • The basic components that make up a brand
  • The consumer perception of a brand
  • Brand equity
  • How a brand can be leveraged
  • Integrating a brand into a system of brands
  • How brands can be protected
  • How branding works on the Internet
  • How to execute a brand strategy in an omni-channel marketplace

Presenter:  John McKeown

John McKeown focuses on providing advocacy and advice concerning intellectual property and related matters, including protecting trade-marks, copyrights, patents, confidential information and misleading advertising and claims under the Competition Act. John’s textbook, Brand Management in Canadian Law (4th edition just published by Thomson Reuters) considers brand management from a legal perspective.

Presenter:  John Torella

John Torella is a Senior Advisor, Marketing at J.C. Williams Group. Relevant differentiation is the world of retail Branding and the world of retail Branding is John Torella’s world. His credibility is enhanced by his books: Evolution of Retail Marketing, re|Think Retail Branding, Whole-being Retail Branding, and Stop Talking Start Doing Retail Branding.

Moderator:  Dr. Ruth M. Corbin

Dr. Ruth M. Corbin is Chair of forensic research firm CorbinPartners Inc., and Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. Her practice includes brand valuations, intellectual property audits and expert evidence for trademark disputes. In previous corporate executive roles in, she developed and managed international brand campaigns in telecommunications and banking.